186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 50

📆 50 – 💎1 Tragedy seems to produce more tragedy. In 1 Kings 17, Elijah declares that there was going to be a drought. This was God’s response to the people’s wickedness. That same day, God told Elijah to go to a specific place and there he encountered a widow with a son.

Elijah asked the woman for some nourishment and she responded, “This is our last meal before we die.” Her future was hopeless. She only had a little bread to enjoy before the inevitable starvation happened.

Elijah told her to not be afraid. He made her a promise, the bowl of flour and the jar of oil won’t become empty until after the drought has ended.

She knew it was Elijah that made the heavens go dry.

She believed Elijah and did what he said to do.

From that moment until the end of the drought, which was three and a half years, they never ran out of flour or oil.

What is God asking from you? Does it feel like, if you give Him what He’s asking for, you would have nothing left?

God doesn’t need your cooperation to perform a miracle, but He allows us to participate, like this widow did with her little bit of flour and little bit of oil.

Remember, the Word of God speaks most clearly when you are reading the Bible.

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