I remember growing up how much I feared my father. It wasn’t because he was abusive. It wasn’t because he was a drunk. And I thank The Lord that it wasn’t because he was mean. Instead I was afraid of the man who had to speak to break his silence. Though he did not yell, his voice had a command that could move mountains. And when he spoke, his words would cut through you like a knife

My father is a humble god-fearing man; however, his tongue was a weapon you never wanted him to yield. When raising my children, I notice that I have the same commanding presence. It was something that was handed down from father to son. This is also a characteristic that our Heavenly Father hands down to us. He grants you the wisdom while observing. He opens your eyes and ears in order that you might hear the true source of spiteful speech and action. This is known as the spririt of discernment

Being able to see the way things really are. This is not something that is figured out over night. You must pray for clarity. Read His word to better understand His will and ways. And just as importantly, listen. Do not draw your gaze away and learn. Learn how to be like your Father and He will pass down this wisdom to you.