186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 58

📆 58 – 💎3 Ezekiel 15 is a very intense chapter. The prophet lays it out like it is, God has saved you when this world abandoned you. He cleaned you up, treated you with love, made you his wife, and made you famous!

How do you repay Him? You start to think that your beauty came from your efforts. Pride caused you to start to do the things that felt good, but you knew were wrong.

Your favorite words were, “I didn’t ask you to do it!”

God’s wasn’t telling just any people that He wanted them to turn from their ways and follow His. He was speaking to His people.

Sometimes as Christians we can look at the stories of the Bible and think, “those people are messed up.” We can forget that if we adopt those same kinds of attitudes, we can also be “those people.”

Are you living the way that God wants you to live?

Are you treating God with respect, gratitude, and love?

If you can’t answer yes, then it’s time to spend some time thinking about that. Open up the Bible and read and listen.

God is always speaking; we are rarely listening.

Take time today to listen to God.

Remember, the Word of God speaks most clearly when you are reading the Bible.

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