The Return of Gorea is a fan-fiction based slightly off of the Lore from Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime Hunters. The Return of Gorea is about a group of bounty hunters that seek a weapon of mass destruction that will be used as a weapon of salvation.

Episodes 1-4

Without a Trace

“The horror has shrieked its name.” Commander Trace paced the Combat Hall.

“What is it?” Kanden asked.

“Its name is Gorea.”

“What is Gorea?” Samus Aran asked.

“Gorea is power beyond reckoning and evil unrelenting. The universe has not known terror such as this.” Trace began to fade away, disappear.

“Commander, wait!” Weavel said. Their commander was gone, as he usually would when he was upset.

“Let him go,” Sylux said. “He has too many issues to deal with. As you three know here, I am second in command. I will now lead our group. You can call me Sylux, Commander Sylux or whatever you like. Come with me all of you. Weavel… stay here and practice the Halfturret.”

Sylux, Samus and Kanden left the Combat Hall. They walked a short distance to the Council Chamber.

“So Kanden, the Stinglarva, is it complete? Samus asked.

“I would hope so Kanden.” Sylux said.

“Well Samus, it is complete. Look.” Kanden threw himself on the ground and he turned into a small creature, the Stinglarva. He moved around and dropped small explosives from his tail.

“Wow, I’m impressed. Especially how your tail falls of your body and explodes,” Sylux laughed. “I’d definitely fix the part where your tail does not grow back, but the electrical bomb is cool.”

Kanden’s body grew large and he was no longer in the Stinglarva, his alternate form. All bounty had an alternate form at some point in their life.

“Samus, show me the Morph Ball.” Sylux said as Samus turned into a ball and rolled around. She dropped three small capsules on the ground. Soon they exploded.

“Amazing!” Kanden said as Samus came out of the Morph Ball. “Now that’s impressive.”

“How about you Master?” Samus asked.

“Me?” Sylux looked confused. “My alternate form is… not complete. But I’m thinking of calling it the Lockjaw.”

“What, you don’t have an alternate form yet?” Samus and Kanden asked.

“I’m designing the Lockjaw to plant two bombs and make a trip wire from between them. The problem is that I need a lot of trip wire to make this work.”

“Maybe you should design the trip wire to be invisible.”

“You know what Kanden, I like that idea. Well we’ve all discussed our alternate forms; now let’s go to the Council Chamber.”


Sylux, Kanden and Samus arrived at the Council Chamber. Fortunately, they were on time.

“So, you’ve finally to decided to come on time.” General Almiiak said.

“We are on time because our real commander, Trace, disappeared on us again.” Sylux replied.

“Trace. Gone?” General Almiiak stared at Sylux confused.

“He got upset at us asking questions.” Samus said shamefully.

“I never thought asking what the ‘horror shrieked’ was, was such a problem.” Kanden said lowly.

“What did the horror shriek?” The General seemed interested in their conversation.

“Trace said, ‘The horror has shrieked its name.’ Then he said that Gorea was power beyond reckoning and evil unrelenting, that the universe has not known terror such as this.” Sylux informed the General of their conversation. “And then, he was gone, without a trace.”

Samus and Kanden laughed.

“Be quiet you two. What should you never do in a conversation with an Alimbic Council Member?” General Almiiak was upset.

“Rule Number 1 General, Never laugh or make comments about what an Alimbic Council Member says. I am sorry for breaking it.” Samus said firmly.

“Especially if the Council Member is the head of the council.” Kanden said under his breath.

“Kanden, you know that at any moment I can expel you from your position as commander of the Octolith Safeguard.” The General motioned for them to leave.


Sylux, Samus and Kanden where back in the Combat Hall.

“You want to know why asking questions got Trace mad, it’s those comments you say!” Sylux yelled at Kanden. “And you know, or rather you should learn, not to make comments about what an Alimbic Council Member says, and you know that Trace is an Alimbic Council Member as is he our commander.”

“What’s all this yelling about?” Trace appeared out of nowhere.

“Trace?” Weavel asked confused that Trace was in the Combat Hall.

“Well, Kanden was almost removed from his position as commander of the Octolith Safeguard for commenting about what General Almiiak said for laughing at something I said.” Sylux said.

“Sylux, why would he get in trouble for laughing at what you said?” Trace asked.

“I have become an Alimbic Council Member recently in your place.”

“In my place?”

“Yes,” General Almiiak walked into the Combat Hall. “I have personally removed you from the council for failure to attend on time, but I see Sylux never told you this.”

“How long have you been a member?” Trace asked Sylux.

“I’ve been a member for three months.”

“Three months!” Trace exclaimed loudly.

“I am sorry Sylux for laughing at you.” Samus said.

“I forgive you as do I to you Kanden.” Sylux turned to Kanden. “The only reason why you still have your position is because I never told you that I was a council member.”

“One last thing,” General Almiiak turned towards Trace. “You are no longer commander. Go back to The Kriken Empire and be a leader there as you once was.” General Almiiak left the Combat Hall.

Trace stared at Sylux. “Why, Sylux?”

“It’s all part of the plan and the plan succeeded. It all started 4 months ago when General Almiiak told you to make me second in command. You made me second in command and I commanded our group for 1 month, and then I became an Alimbic Council Member in your place.” Sylux stared angrily at Trace. “I command you Trace! Get out now. Go to the Kriken and never come back.”

“Goodbye Samus, Weavel and Kanden. I will see you again. And you Sylux, you will pay for what you did, with your life.” Trace turned away and walked out of the Combat Hall.


“Kanden, don’t mess up again or I will get you in serious trouble and you will lose everything you love and that means your life.”

Not Yet

“So Kanden, what’s the Octolith Safeguard?” Samus asked.

“Well, the Octolith Safeguard is actually a group of sentinels designed to protect the Octoliths.” Kanden replied.

“What is an Octolith?”

“It all started long ago. There were eight elders in the Alimbic Order. No one would ever find all eight Octoliths. They were scattered, hidden in four of the most defended territories. There could never be more than two Octoliths hidden on any planet or space station. Within each Octolith was a spirit, the transferred essence of an Alimbic Elder. If all eight Octoliths could be reunited and put into the Alimbic Training Room, it would open the doorway to Gorea’s prison.”

“You know what Gorea is so why did you even say anything to Trace!”

“I do, but I did not know what the horror shrieked.”

“Okay, I see. But I don’t think you should be the only one getting scolded for your actions.”

“Well as Commander Sylux said, you have nothing to lose.”

“That’s true, but I think he still should be disciplinary.”

“Oh yeah, he said that you had nothing to lose. Not yet.” Kanden said the last words slowly.

“Not yet.”


Kanden and Samus walked towards the Combat Hall; it was training time.

Upon their arrival, there was something in the center of the room. It looked like a turret.

“Are those legs?” Samus stared at the turret.

“I think so.” Kanden looked perplexed.

“Surprise!” Samus and Kanden turned around.


“This is the Halfturret Sylux was talking about. I split myself in half and then my legs become a turret. The other half of me body can run around and swing a blade, which is attached to my right arm.”

“Wow, that’s cool.”

“Thank you.”

Sylux stormed into the Combat Hall.

“Have you started practicing yet?”

“No sir.”

“Why have you three not started practicing?”

“It is my fault. I was showing them the Halfturret.”

“There is no fault. It is good that you guys have not started practicing.” Sylux smiled.

“I need you three to come with me.”

Sylux, Samus, Weavel and Kanden walked out of the Combat Hall. They headed to the Council Chamber.

“Don’t worry; none of you are in trouble. Not yet.” Sylux said.


They arrived at the Council Chamber in a short time. Two people where in the room, ones that Samus, Kanden and Weavel never saw.

“Hello everyone,” General Almiiak stood up from his chair. “Today we will introduce ourselves to each other. Sylux start please.”

“My name is Sylux and I am Commander of this group and I am from the planet Cyclosis.”

“My name is Samus Aran and I am from the planet Earth.”

“My name is Kanden and I am an Enoema and I am commander of the Octolith Safeguard.

“My name is Weavel and I am a Cybernetic Space Pirate.”

“My name is Noxus and I am a Vhozon from the planet Vho.”

“And my name is Spire and I am a Diamont from the planet Mondreus.”

“Now, show each other your alternate forms.” General Almiiak commanded the six bounty hunters. “Spire, you go first.”

“My alternate form is the Dialanche.” Spire turned into a spiked ball and rolled around. His shell came off of him and created a defense around him. He rolled into a wall and he rolled up the wall.

“Wow, that’s good, I like the wall climbing!” Samus exclaimed.

“My alternate form is the Vhoscythe.” Noxus turned into what looked like a spinning top. He spun around and one of his arms swung around his body.

“That’s nice,” Weavel said. “I feel it’s similar to my alternate form, the Halfturret.” Weavel’s body split in half and his legs became a turret and his torso walked around swinging a blade attached to his arm.

“Wow, I do see some similarities there,” Kanden said. “My alternate form is the Stinglarva.” Kanden turned into the Stinglarva and moved around. His tail fell off of his body and exploded. His tail then grew back.

“Good, you got your tail back,” Samus said. “My alternate form is the Morph Ball.” Samus turned into a ball and dropped three capsules and they exploded.

“You never cease to impress me student,” Sylux smiled at the Morph Ball. “My alternate form is the Lockjaw.” Sylux threw himself forward and turned into the Lockjaw. He floated around and looked like a large gun. He dropped a bomb, moved around and dropped another bomb. He went in between both bombs and the bombs exploded.

“I am all very impressed,” General Almiiak complemented all of them. “Now go the Combat Hall in your alternate forms. The first one to win gets to pick their weapon of choice first. Three, two, one, go!” Sylux, Samus, Kanden, Weavel, Noxus and Spire all left the Council Chamber and tried to get to the Combat Hall first.

The Dialanche rolled on the wall to protect himself from harm, while the Lockjaw laid bombs underneath itself to make it go high in the air and float. The Morph Ball rolled around dodging rocks that where coming out of Weavel’s Halfturret. Weavel crawled around as fast as he could and the Vhoscythe spun around at fast speeds. The Stinglarva was in the back of the line, looking for a hidden passage to get to the Combat Hall first.


General Almiiak waited by the entrance of the Combat Hall. The Lockjaw came in first and all the other competitors came in and came out of their alternative forms.

“Congratulations to all of you,” The General smiled. “Now in your HUD you will see the number 160. Do not be confused, I have added 160 life points to you. When you lose those life points, you will be transported to the Council Chamber. The victor, the last one standing, will go to the Combat Hall when they win.”

“So where are the weapons?” Sylux asked.

“Here a six weapons,” General Almiiak placed six weapons on the ground. “The winner picks first and it goes in order of victory.”

Sylux grabbed the Shock Coil, a weapon that emitted a short-ranged, continuous burst of concentrated, high density neutrinos, and seeks the nearest target. Kanden grabbed the Volt Driver, a weapon that fires quick-moving electrical blasts with a fast rate of fire and spray capability. Noxus grabbed the Judicator, a weapon that fired super cooled plasma at near absolute zero temperatures and ricocheted off impacted surfaces. Spire grabbed the Magmual, a weapon that fired molten projectiles with a large splash radius. Weavel grabbed the Battlehammer, a heavy mortar-type weapon that fires green globules of energy along an arching path. Samus grabbed the Missile Launcher, a weapon that fire missiles that had a small tracker.

“Go and fight now!” General Almiiak walked into the Combat Hall and the bounty hunters began to fight each other.


Sylux fired the Shock Coil at Kanden and the weapon tracked Kanden and he slowly lost life. Kanden fired a charged Volt Driver shot at his attacker and it hit him. Sylux lost 60 life points and his HUD become disorientated for a moment; losing control, he stopped firing the Shock Coil. Noxus appeared and fired a charged Judicator shot at Spire and become frozen in ice. Samus fired a missile at Spire and he lost all of his life points. His body teleported to the Council Chamber just as General Almiiak said it would.

One down, Samus thought to herself.

“Spire has fallen.” A telepathic message from the General told all the other bounty hunters.

Weavel charged at Noxus and he was frozen by a charge Judicator shot. He turned into Halfturret and the ice shattered. The turret fired the Battlehammer at Noxus and Noxus fell after a few shots.

“Noxus has fallen.”

Samus fired a charged missile at Weavel and he lost 100 life points. Weavel stared at the Halfturret and his body was together again. He ran towards Sylux, who was still disorientated and he fired the Battlehammer at him. Sylux turned into the Lockjaw before he was hit and laid two bombs in front of him and went backwards. Weavel ran into the trip wire and he lost his 60 life points.

“Weavel has fallen, only Samus and Sylux remains. Sylux has 100 life points and Samus has 160 life points.

Samus ran towards Sylux with a charged missile. She fired it and it missed. He fired the Shock Coil and Samus fired another charged missile and hit Sylux and he lost his 100 life points and Samus had won.

“Samus has won. Congratulations! Proceed to the Combat Hall.”

Samus walked to the Combat Hall and there was Trace.

“Trace, what are you doing here?

“I am here to exact my revenge on Sylux. First, I will kill you.” Trace grabbed a gun. “This is the Imperialist, my weapon, it will kill you.”

“No it won’t.” General Almiiak entered the Combat Hall and stood in front of Samus.

“It will certainly kill you though.” Trace fired the Imperialist. The red laser went through the general’s chest and his body sunk into Samus’s body.

“No! You’ve killed him.” Samus began to cry.

“Indeed I have, so now I will kill you.” Trace aimed his gun at Samus. He fired it.

“What?” Samus was gone.

“Looking for me?” Trace turned around to see Samus behind him.

“How did you do that?”

“It’s called alternate form, you should know that.” Samus charged a missile.

“Too bad I missed,” Trace fired the Imperialist at point blank range. “But not now.”

We Are At War

“General Almiiak was a good leader. He created the Alimbic Order of elders establishing law and rules to make us better,” Sylux stared at the sarcophagus. “His sarcophagus shall always be here forever.”

“Trace is responsible for this,” Kanden and Weavel carried a coffin on their shoulders and laid it in a hole in the ground.

“Samus Aran, a fine bounty hunter, in fact the first of us to create their alternate form. Alternate form creations are a great point in life. I just finished mine yesterday,” Weavel walked away from the hole in the ground.

“I never knew Samus, but I will proudly preserve her body,” Noxus opened up the coffin and charged the Judicator. He fired and Samus body froze over. “Your body will never be harmed by anything.”

“General Almiiak and I were good friends; we fought in battles together and we saved each other’s lives.” Spire turned into the Dialanche and rolled up a wall.

“Wait, Spire!” Noxus ran after Spire, who was gone.

Weavel, Kanden and Sylux covered Samus’s coffin in dirt, but left the sarcophagus where it was.


“What’s to do now?” Weavel asked.

“We must find Trace,” Sylux left the Combat Hall.

“Kanden, how do you think we can find Trace?”

“Huh?” Kanden was lost in thought. “Oh! I was just thinking.”

“Thinking about what?”

“Well Samus is dead as is General Almiiak, and I just can’t think of anything to do other than think about where Trace is.”

“Well let’s go to the Octolith Safeguard, after all, you are their commander.” Weavel and Kanden left the Combat Hall and went to the Octolith Safeguard.


Kanden and Weavel arrived at the Octolith Safeguard.

“Wow, this place is… cool.” Weavel stared at a pillar in the center of the room. “What is that?”

“That is the first sentinel, Cretaphid I.”

“So, what’s so special about it?”

“It is a basic weapon that fires lasers from three small nodes. If all nine nodes are destroyed, the top will open up and reveal a weak point. The weak point is actually a turret, similar to your legs when you are using the Halfturret. The weak point can, as you already know, be harmed and it can be destroyed. It leaves behind an Octolith.”

“So the sentinels are the Octolith Safeguard. How many sentinels are there?”

“Well,” Kanden looked at Weavel. “There are eight sentinels, Cretaphid I, II, III and IV, and also Slench I, II, III and IV.” Kanden and Weavel walked back to Combat Hall.


Sylux entered the Combat Hall.

“Kanden and Weavel something has gone wrong.”

“What is it?” Kanden asked.

“Come with me, both of you, I will tell one the way,” Sylux, Kanden and Weavel left the Combat Hall.

“Where are we going?” Weavel asked.

“We are going to the Docking Bays.”


Sylux, Kanden and Weavel arrived at the Docking Bays.

“I know you two have ships of your own, but we are going in my ship, the Delano 7.”

They walked to the Delano 7, Sylux’s ship. The Delano 7 was a large ship with a small turret underneath the ship. It was blue and green and had the shape like that of an upside down Y. Sylux, Weavel and Kanden entered the Delano 7 and Sylux started the ship.

“Why are we leaving Alinos?” Kanden asked Sylux?

“Alinos is under attack?” Sylux replied.

“Who is attacking us?” Weavel asked.

“Trace and the Kriken Empire, they want me dead.”


“When Trace became commander, the Alimbic Elders stole him from the Kriken Empire and they have hated us ever since. But then when General Almiiak removed him from position as commander, he returned to the Kriken Empire to start war with us. The murders of Samus and the general were only the start of the war.” The Delano 7 took off and exited Alinos. “We are at war.”

The Octolith Safeguard

“We are we heading to?” Kanden asked.

“We are first heading to the Celestial Archives.” Sylux smiled.

The Celestial Archives was a space station directly in orbit above Alinos. It held all the Alimbic information in the Tetra Galaxy. The Tetra Galaxy was made up of the Vesper Defense Outpost, Arcterra, Alinos and the Celestial Archives.

Sylux piloted the Delano 7 directly above Alinos, for the Celestial Archives was directly above Alinos at this time in the month.


The Delano 7 landed inside the Celestial Archives Docking Bay and Sylux, Kanden and Weavel exited the ship.

“Why are we here?” Kanden asked.

“We are here to get the first part of a weapon of our own.” Sylux smiled mischievously.

“What are we getting?”

“Two Octoliths.”

“What? No!” Kanden yelled.

“Let me explain commander of the Octolith Safeguard. Trace and the Kriken Empire are currently attacking us and killing innocent lives. So the General decided that if anything went wrong, we could use Gorea as a weapon of salvation. We must get all eight Octoliths and return to Alinos where the Alimbic Cannon is,” Sylux stopped walking and turned around and looked Kanden. “You must bring us to the Octolith room and get us the Octoliths. That’s an order.”

Kanden lead the way to the Octolith Room. They entered a portal and entered a new room.

“This is the Stronghold Void; it holds the Octoliths we seek.” Kanden said.

The entered a room through a large door and in the center of the room was two Octoliths.

“This is the Biodefense Chamber A; Cretaphid II and III are here.”

Kanden walked towards the Octoliths and grabbed them.

“Security patrol inbound leave immediately or die!” A loud speaker said across the Space Station. Thankfully, no one else was at the Celestial Archives except Kanden, Sylux and Weavel.

“We need to get out or we will be killed by the Guardians.” Kanden ran towards the portal. “The Guardians are robots designed to destroy anyone that has an Octolith. We have six minutes before they swarm the station and devour us.” They left the Stronghold Void through a portal and they entered a different room, one they had never been to before.

“The Guardians have found us.” Sylux turned around and fired the Shock Coil at one of the Guardians and it died in a short time. “Looks like the Guardians have a weakness to repetitiveness.” Suddenly swarms of Guardians entered the room.

“We’re dead we’re dead we’re dead.” Kanden charged the Volt Driver and fired it at a Guardian’s head. It spun around and fired shots at the other Guardians. The Guardians stopped firing at them and attacked the Guardian. “Good, a chance to escape.”

“Why don’t you shot at more Guardians and confuse all of them, then we will be sure to escape.” Weavel said.

“I can’t, these are intelligent robots; and they will realize and stopped being distracted.”

They ran into another portal and entered it. They were in yet another room they had not entered.

“More Guardians are coming our way,” Weavel motion to a moving pile of silver.

“Weavel, I have an idea. I will turn into the Lockjaw and float around and you can shoot at the Guardians from the sky.”

“Sure!” Sylux turned into the Lockjaw and Weavel stood on top of the Lockjaw and balanced on it.

Weavel fired the Battlehammer at the Guardians from the sky and many of them became confused.

“Weavel! That confusion will only last for a few moments! We have four minutes to escape.” Kanden yelled.

The Lockjaw turned around and went away from the Guardians. Weavel jumped off the Lockjaw and entered a portal. Sylux exited the Lockjaw and entered the portal as did Kanden.

“How many more portals do we have left to go through?” Sylux asked.

“Three more and we only have three minutes left.” Kanden replied.

“I have another idea; it’s the same as last time except both of you ride on me.” Sylux turned into the Lockjaw and Weavel and Kanden stood on top of it. They fired at the Guardians as the Lockjaw moved towards the next portal. The Guardians did not fire at them; instead they ran forwards, towards the portal.

“It looks like either they are trapping us are they’re fleeing!” Kanden bent down on his knees and grabbed the Lockjaw, turning it upwards causing it to become high in the air. He stomped his leg making Sylux exit the Lockjaw. They fired at many Guardians while they fell a short distance. They landed on the floor and a circle was cleared.

“We’re surrounded!” Weavel yelled. Immediately, all the Guardians stopped moving and turned towards the empty circle. They ran towards them and they all jumped in the air, attempting to bury them.

“Kanden and Weavel, before they land on top of us, I will yell ‘alternate forms,’ then we will all turn into our alternate forms and destroy as many Guardians as we can.” Sylux and the others looked upwards. “Alternate forms,” a great flash appeared and most of the Guardians died. They exited their alternate forms and entered the portal.

“Two more portals to go and one minute.”

“No time to fight; run!” Sylux, Weavel and Kanden ran into the portal.

They exited the portal, “Time’s up, where dead.” Kanden said as if he was defeated.

“No! We don’t ever give up! We will fight until they are all dead!” Sylux began firing the Shock Coil. “Come on!” Suddenly Guardians flooded the room, climbing on top of each other, creating a cage around them. Everything became still.

The stillness was broken by someone in the room.

“Who’s there?” Sylux yelled.

Someone red appeared from the pile of Guardians.

“Trace, what are you doing here?”

Trace smiled at them, “I am here to kill you three as I did General Almiiak and Samus.” Sylux attempted to turn into the Lockjaw. “There’s nothing you can do, you have no weapons. You are dead.” Trace pulled out a gun. “Do you know what this is? This is the Imperialist a weapon of destruction, the most precise gun in the whole Tetra Galaxy, but in the Kriken Empire they exist everywhere. I call it the ‘Empire.’ Neat name isn’t it?” Trace aimed the Empire at Sylux. “Now I will kill.” Suddenly a ball of fire lit up a room.

“No you will not!” A strange creature fell from the ceiling. “I am Spire, friend of General Almiiak. Die!” Spire yelled angrily.

“Die? You want me to die? That will never happen,” Trace aimed his gun at Spire’s, who was running straight at him. “There’s no dodging this,” He fired it and Spire dodged it.

“I may look big and heavy, which I am, but unlike other people, I am agile for my size.” Spire charge the Magmual and fired it at Trace. The ball of fire exploded in front of Trace’s face and he was badly burned.

“It will take more than a ball of fire to destroy,” Trace said as the burns on his face faded away. Spire froze. “The only way for me to stop is to give me kill Sylux. Here’s the deal, I will only shoot once, if I miss and don’t hit Sylux, I leave and the Guardians turn back on and you are all killed, or if I don’t miss, I will leave once Sylux is dead. Do we have a deal?”

“Agreed,” Sylux said. “Now I make a deal, if I die, let them live. Do we have a deal?”

“Agreed,” Trace said as Trace stood up. “Do you have any last words Sylux?”

“Kanden, I make you second in command and here is the code needed to start the Delano 7.” Kanden walked towards Sylux and grabbed a microchip from his hand. “Goodbye!” Sylux yelled as Trace fired the Empire.

“What? I missed, how?” Trace looked around the room.

Spire stood in front of Sylux, “It will take more than a laser to destroy a volcano.”

“You’re a volcano?”

“Yes, all the Diamont are very small volcanoes and our body naturally makes magma to use a as ammunition to fire our weapons.”

“I’ve never been to Mondreus before, maybe I should one day.”

“If you go there, more than just a ball of fire will burn you.”

“Well it looks like it’s time for our deal to be complete. Goodbye.”

I will kill you Sylux, I will. Trace thought as he disappeared.

“Thank you Spire,”

“It’s okay, you welcome.” Spire smiled at Sylux.

“We must escape before the Guardians turn back on.” Kanden said as he charged the Volt Driver.

“Don’t fire it, it will only set them all off,” Spire charged the Magmual. “If I can burn a hole in this cage, it could be our best chance of escape.” Spire fired the Magmual. “Noxus, you come down right now before you get killed and let’s get out of here.” Noxus fell from the ceiling and landed on the floor.

They all left the cage through a hole and entered the portal. They arrived at the Celestial Archives and they entered the Delano 7.


“So Spire, how did you get here without a ship?” Sylux asked as he piloted the Delano 7.

“Well, since I am a volcano, I don’t breathe, and I can survive in space.”

“How did Noxus get here?”

“Since I am frozen,” Noxus replied. “My body is preserved from any harm that anything can cause, like space.”

“That is very interesting; are all the Vho like that?”

“Only the Vhozon warriors are frozen to make them indestructible, and I am one of them.”

“Commander,” Kanden said. “Am I still second in command?”

“Yes, and if I died today, you would have become commander.”

“Sylux, I was wondering, me and Spire would like to join your group. Is that fine with you?” Noxus asked.


Episodes 5-8


“Commander Sylux, where are we going next?” Kanden asked.

“We would need to go to either Arcterra or the Vesper Defense Outpost. Which one do you think is best to go to first?”

“Maybe we should go Arcterra first; it is easier to get the Octolith Room. I can disable the Guardians before we take those Octoliths.”

Sylux piloted the Delano 7 towards Arcterra. Arcterra was a frozen planet, not able to support much life. The distance from the Celestial Archives to Arcterra was a longer distance.


The Delano 7 landed in the Arcterra Docking Bays. Sylux, Weavel, Kanden, Spire and Noxus exited the ship and walked towards the Sic Transit. The Sic Transit was the ruins of Sic, an ancient city that existed before the planet become frozen.

“Ah, the cold; this reminds me of Vho,” Noxus said with delight. “But it’s so cold there that this planet would be considered hot compared to Vho.”

Kanden lead the way to the center of the Sic Transit. A great hole lay in the center of the ruins.

“That hole leads to the Ice Hive, a room that has the controls to disabling all the Guardians in the Tetra Galaxy. That hole drops three hundred feet; if we fall in, we might die.”

“I don’t think even I could survive that fall,” Spire said.

“Hey, I have an idea,” Weavel said. “I’m pretty sure Sylux have more than three hundred feet of trip wire. Maybe we could use that to make a rope.”

“That’s a good idea,” Sylux said as he pulled a small string from his arm. “This is my supply of trip wire.” Sylux begin pulling the trip wire out of his arm.

“I will go down there,” Noxus said. “I cannot get hurt by anything. When I have reached the bottom, I will fire the Judicator and it will ricochet all the way to the top of the hole. When you see the bullet, you will know that it is safe. Now this last part is tricky; I intend to grab the trip wire and then throw myself in, causing myself to get to the bottom faster, instead of climbing down the side of the wall. If this goes wrong, either the trip wire will brake if the trip wire runs out or, you will fall in with me and no one can get down there. Now, to make sure you don’t fall in with me, I was thinking of freezing your feet. But before I freeze your feet, we need to test it out on a rock.” Noxus fired a charged Judicator at the rock and it froze. “Now, Spire walk next to rock.” The ice around the rock began to quickly melt. “Good, my plan will work. But one last thing will also happen. Your feet must remain frozen while we are still in pit and not climbing; that means you cannot come. Unfortunately, Kanden, Spire and Weavel need to come.”

“Why do Spire and Weavel need to come?” Sylux asked.

“As you know already, Kanden can disable the Guardians, Spire can melt any ice and attack ice creatures if there are any and if all of us become frozen, Weavel can go into Halfturret and the ice will shattered and he can protect us will the ice around us melts.”

“Well,” Sylux said. “Weavel is not needed because Spire can melt his own ice, seeing how it is his aura that generates heat.”

“Ah! I did not think about, good idea.” Noxus charged the Judicator. “Are you ready Sylux?”

“Yes I am ready; freeze me.” Noxus fired the Judicator at Sylux’s feet and they froze.

Noxus jumped in the hole and fell for about one minute. He reached the bottom with a loud thud.

“Well that was a pleasant fall,” Noxus said to himself sarcastically. Noxus fired multiple Judicator shots and they ricocheted across the walls of the hole.


“He hasn’t been gone to long,” Weavel said. “I was really looking forward to going down there.”

“Ouch, my arm!” Sylux yelled in pain. “I think he’s hit the bottom. Suddenly, a Judicator shot came out of the hole. “Looks like you guys are ready to go.” Spire and Kanden walked towards the hole and grabbed the trip wire. “One more thing,” Sylux said. “Please tell Noxus to shoot the Judicator again when you guys are done.”

“Sure,” Spire replied.


Spire and Kanden reached the bottom.

“You guys finally arrived.”

“Noxus,” Spire said. “Sylux said to fire the Judicator as you did earlier to let him know that we are climbing back up.”

“Sure, I’ll remember.”

Kanden, Noxus and Spire walked around the Ice Hive. The Ice Hive was a dark room with a small amount of light in the center of the room.

“Why is this called the Ice Hive?” Noxus asked.

“Well,” Kanden replied. “We are inside of an Ice War Wasp hive. Ice War Wasps are deadly wasps that shoot ice from their stingers. They can freeze you, in fact, the Judicator is taken from these wasps, and as you know, the ice shoots will also ricochet off walls.”

The small light in the center of the room began to move towards them.

“Spire, the light is moving towards us,” Noxus said.

Spire charged the Magmual and fired it. The Magmual lit up the room as it sailed through the air.

“Hey,” a small buzzing noise could be heard throughout the Ice Hive. “It’s one of those wasps, be careful.” Kanden said.

Suddenly, the buzzing grew louder and louder. “It looks like more are coming our way.” Spire said as he charged the Magmual.

Spire fired the Magmual recklessly and hitting one of the wasps, it died. Suddenly the room lit up as the buzzing noise stopped.

“Great,” Noxus said sarcastically. “Now they know we’re here.”

The wasps all flew towards the center of the room and the ground opened up and they were sucked in. A large white creature appeared on top of the hole in the ground and threw is at Spire. Spire froze in place.

“Hello, Noxus and Kanden,” a strange familiar voice said.

“Who are you, and why does your voice sound familiar?” Kanden asked.

“I am the Arctic Spawn of the Oubliette, the prison of our king.”

“Your king?”

“I’m surprised that you, Kanden, don’t even know what the Oubliette is.”

“Kanden, what is the Oubliette?” Noxus asked.

“The Oubliette is the prison of Gorea.”

The ice on Spire’s head began to slowly melt, revealing his ears, letting him here.

“Why are you here?” Kanden asked.

“You should be asking how I got out of the Oubliette.”

“How did you get out of the Oubliette?” Noxus asked.

“Gorea is a vapor, some of the vapor escaped the Oubliette and escaped the Infinity Void and entered the Tetra Galaxy.”

“What is the Infinity Void?”

“The Infinity Void is another dimension where the Oubliette was put so that Gorea would never harm anyone else.” Kanden replied. “But it looks like that might have not worked out so much.”

“My last words to you are hand over the two Octoliths, or I will kill Spire.”

“Why do you want the Octoliths?”

“We seek to bring our king back to this world, as you also seek to do. We already have the other six Octoliths. If you give it to us, you will lose nothing.”

Kanden walked towards the Arctic Spawn. “I will only give you the Octoliths if you don’t let Gorea attack Vho, Cyclosis, Mondreus or Earth and that means protecting me, Noxus, Sylux, Kanden and Spire forever.”

“Deal,” the Arctic Spawn said as Kanden handed the Octoliths to it. “And there’s no need for me to get Gorea not to attack these planets, after all, I am Gorea.” A wave of water pushed Spire out of the Ice Hive and filling the hole in the Sic Transit with water.

“Spire!” Noxus yelled. “You said you wouldn’t harm Spire.

“There is no escape,” the Arctic Spawn said as the water frozen. “When he hits the ground, the ice around him will crack and he will survive; he is no longer needed. You two must come with me to Alinos, there we will activate the Alimbic Cannon and open the portal to the Oubliette.”

“I will go with you.”


“Sylux,” Weavel asked. “What was Cyclosis like?”

“Cyclosis was a cold planet very far from the Tetra Galaxy, the only thing worth it in that planet was me. When I was young, I stole the Delano 7 from the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation was creating me a ship as a favor for providing shelter for one of their commanders named Adam Malkovich. I stole when it was still a prototype and they found me on Cyclosis and they told me that it was not complete. I fled to the Tetra Galaxy in the Delano 7 and I was never found. I then crash landed on Alinos due to a sudden power loss on my ship. General Almiiak met me and I told him my story and he said that the Tetra Galaxy would be a safe place to be. Then a few years later, Samus crash landed on Alinos and she told me that she worked for the Galactic Federation. I became afraid until she told that she was pulled in by a strong gravitational pull. What is there to know about you Weavel?”

“I don’t remember anything when I was born. All I remember was lying in a factory being experimented on, and even then I was old. When I looked to my left, Kanden was also being experimented on. He was being turned into a super soldier for the Enoema, which were at the time at war with the Kriken Empire. To my right was a dead Space Pirate. I felt sad for my kind and thought I would die. Kanden broke loose and turned into a prototype Stinglarva and exploded the factory. Where this factory was I don’t know.

A large piece of metal severed my body in half, removing my torso from my body. A scientist there risked his life for me and put my body back together. He told me that if at any point in my life if was split in half at the same split in half, I would be able to put myself together by willing it. So if I thought, ‘Split in half,’ I would split in half and if I thought, ‘Go back together,’ my legs would connect to my torso from where ever it was. I later modified it to attach a turret to my legs. I escaped the factory in a small ship and Kanden, in an escape pod, crashed into me and we landed on an asteroid belt and we exited out ships. We could both survive in space because during out experiment, we both had our lungs removed, and our blood would create oxygen and we could breathe as long as we had blood in our body. Kanden told me that the explosion of the factory was an accident and that he was just testing out the Stinglarva and as he was testing it out around the factory his tail fell off and exploded the main reactor and the entire station exploded. He escaped in an escape pod after realizing the factory was done for.

We were picked up by the Galactic Federation and we promised we would do anything for them. They forced us to go the Kriken Empire to stop Trace from being taken by General Almiiak. We were caught and we taking with Trace to Alinos. Along the way, General Almiiak explained why he took us with him and Trace was no longer upset about being removed from his position as leader of the Kriken Empire.”

Suddenly, a body flew out of the hole, followed by a blast of water.

“Spire!” Weavel yelled as Spire landed on the floor and the ice around him cracked. “Spire, what happened?”

“Where are Noxus and Kanden?”

“I will tell you everything,” Spire said as he walked towards Sylux’s frozen feet. “But we need head to Alinos first.” The ice around Sylux’s feet melted.

Spire ran towards the Docking Bays and waited by the Delano 7.

Weavel and Sylux ran after Spire. They entered the Delano 7 and they left Arcterra.

The Storm

“What is going on Spire?” Sylux asked.

“While we were in the Ice Hive, Gorea came to us in the form of an Arctic Spawn and told us that a vapor of him came out of the Oubliette and that he sought to open the portal to the Oubliette. Kanden and Noxus stayed behind and they gave the two Octoliths to it. They are heading to Alinos to open the portal.”

“That’s fine, but how will they be able to make it pass the Kriken?”

“I don’t know for sure.”


The Delano 7 landed in the Alinos Docking Bays and Spire, Sylux and Weavel exited the ship. Alinos was covered in ash; a planet once thriving with life was now dead.

“We need to disguise ourselves in ash,” Sylux said as he rolled on the floor.

Weavel and Spire followed and covered their bodies in ash. They crawled on the ground and crawled towards the Combat Hall.

“We need to go the Combat Hall; that is where the Alimbic Cannon Control Room is.”

“Who knew a portal to another dimension would be in Alinos.” Weavel said as he crawled on the ground.

“Spire, in case you don’t know,” Sylux said. “Trace, the leader of the Kriken Empire, attacked Alinos as a result of him being removed from his position as an Alimbic Council Member and commander of our group. In his rage, he killed General Almiiak and Samus, and then attempted to kill me. He will not stop until I am killed.”

Someone red appeared in front of them. They looked around and then they disappeared.

“Was that Trace?” Sylux whispered.

“I am not sure,” Weavel said. “Trace looks just like all the other Kriken.”

“If all the Kriken look the same,” Sylux said. “Then, Trace might not be the same Trace that was our commander.”

“Or even worse, we might have never seen the real Trace before.”

“Sylux!” A strange voice said.

Sylux looked up. “Samus?”

“I have a message from you from Kanden.” A holograph of Kanden appeared in front of them.

“Commander Sylux, we are heading to the Alimbic Cannon Control Room in Alinos. Gorea will send you this message in the form of Samus. Gorea disguised himself as Trace and we as Trace’s prisoners. We are in the Alimbic Cannon Control Room ready to fire the cannon. We will not fire the cannon until you arrive. Gorea has agreed not to harm any of you and your planets.”

“That is all the holograph contains,” Gorea said.

“Tell Kanden that we are on our way.” Sylux said.

“No problem,” Gorea said as he disappeared.

“We need to move faster,” Sylux said. “We would like to open the portal as soon as possible.”

They crawled through the ash and they finally made it to the Combat Hall.


“We’ve made it,” Weavel said.

“The control room is just this way,” Sylux said as he stood up.

He walked into a wall and disappeared. A few moments later, he appeared again from the wall.

“Weavel and Spire, come.” Spire and Weavel walked into the wall and they were inside the control room.

The Alimbic Cannon Control Room was a small room, about ten feet long and twenty feet high. It was shaped like a circle and eight pillars stood in a circle creating a wall.

“Sylux, you’ve arrived.” Kanden said. “I received your message, but I didn’t expect you to get here this fast.”

“Yes, we made it here by crawling in the ashes.” Sylux replied.

“Where did Gorea go?” Weavel said looking around.

“I am right here,” Gorea replied.

“So know you are in the form of General Almiiak?” Sylux laughed.

Gorea took out the eight Octoliths and placed them each of them by a pillar. The Octoliths disappeared and the room shook.

“The Alimbic Cannon is now ready to be fired,” Gorea said.

Gorea walked towards center of the room and a panel appeared in front of him. He touched it and the panel showed a large object. A pillar of light came out of the object.

“It is completed,” Gorea said. “The Alimbic Cannon has fired and the Oubliette is now in plain sight. Now, we must fly to the Oubliette there, we will find Gorea’s resting place.”

“Not yet,” Spire said. “I know that when Gorea comes, he will destroy the Kriken Empire. I will not let that happen.”

“Spire, No!” Noxus yelled. “Why do you care about the Kriken Empire, they are evil. They just look for planets to conquer.”

“Trace and I are friends. It would be betrayal to let you five proceed.”

“You can kill all you want,” Gorea said. “The Kriken Empire will be destroyed by my hand.”

“Spire,” Sylux said. “You can leave this team and die by Gorea’s hand, or you betray Trace and come with us.”

“I will stay with you and betray Trace.” Spire said.

Gorea, Sylux, Kanden, Noxus, Weavel and Spire exited the Alimbic Cannon Control Room.

“Sylux,” Gorea said. “I am going to give you all invisibility cloaks. But when I give it to all, I will be gone because I will be the invisibility cloaks. You will not be able to talk to me, until I take the cloaks away from you.”

“Okay,” Sylux replied.

Gorea, in the form of General Almiiak turned into four invisibility cloaks. Sylux picked one up and put it on.

“Can you see me?”

“No, we can’t.” Weavel replied.

“Good,” Sylux said as he took of the cloak.

“There’s only four, that’s strange.” Spire said.

“Well,” Sylux replied. “Gorea must have thought that since Trace thinks you are on his side, you won’t be attacked if you’re found.”

“Oh whatever; I don’t care!”

Sylux, Weavel, Noxus, Kanden all grabbed an invincibility cloak and out it on.

“Spire, you lead the way!” Sylux said.

Spire led the way out of the Combat Hall and they walked behind him, invisible. He walked to the Docking Bays and stood by the Delano 7’s door.

“Ah! We’ve made,” Sylux said as he removed his cloak.

Sylux enter the Delano 7 and Weavel, Noxus and Kanden removed their invisibility cloaks. They all walked into the ship and the door closed.

“Sylux, you need to open the door again,” Kanden said. “We left Gorea outside.”

Sylux laughed as the Delano 7’s doors opened. Gorea entered the ship in the form of Trace.

“Trace, how did you? Wait,” Sylux laughed. “You’re not Trace, your Gorea.”

Gorea changed his form and he was now Samus.

“This is how our team should be,” Spire said. “All together with five members.”

The Delano 7 lifted from the ground and exited Alinos.


Asteroid after asteroid rocked the Delano 7 around in space.

“These asteroids are really annoying!” Sylux said to Gorea.

“I can’t do anything about that; sorry.” Gorea laughed. “All I can do is sit down and enjoy the rocky ride.”

Lightning flashed all around the ship. It struck the asteroids shattering them into many pieces. One of the asteroids hit the cockpit shield and it cracked.

“Gorea, please turn yourself into an oxygen tank with a mask too.”

Gorea turned into an oxygen tank and a mask.

“Strap yourselves in, if this glass cracks, we will lose gravity and float out of the ship.” Sylux walked towards the oxygen mask and put it on. He walked to his chair as Spire, Noxus, Kanden and Weavel sat down in chairs and put on their seat belts. “This could go bad. All we have to do is make it into the Oubliette and then we’ll be safe.”

Another asteroid hit the cockpit shield and the glass shattered. The glass stood still in space.

“The glass…” Sylux said as the glass hit him in the face and cut him. “Ah!” Sylux let go of the ship controls and touched his face in pain. The Delano 7 began to slowly stop moving.

“Sylux, give me your hand.” Kanden said.

Sylux reached out his hand and Kanden grabbed it. Kanden took of his seat belt and pulled Sylux’s hand, pulling himself towards him.

“Okay, Spire, give me your hand.” Spire grabbed Kanden’s other hand. “Sylux, take off your seat belt, but hold on to the armrest.” Sylux took of his seat and held on to the armrests of the chair. “Sylux, turn into the Lockjaw; you float and drift off into space.” Sylux turned into the Lockjaw and moved towards Kanden’s empty seat.

Kanden grabbed the armrest and sat down on the chair. He put on his seatbelt and took control of the Delano 7.

The Seal Sphere

The Delano 7 landed in the Oubliette.

“We’ve made it,” Kanden said.

“Well that was a pleasant ride,” Noxus said sarcastically.

“Let’s hope that never happens again Gorea.” Sylux said as he removed the oxygen from his face.

“All in one piece.” Weavel said sarcastically.

“Gorea you can come out now.” The oxygen mask and tank turned into Gorea.

Gorea was now in the form of an Arctic Spawn. “The master will not be pleased to see me in another form.” Gorea said.

Gorea led the way through the Oubliette. The Oubliette was shaped like ship anchor and was a large ship. They entered an elevator and they passed through five floors. The floors like deserted, as if life never existed there. The elevator stopped and they entered a circular room.

“That is Gorea,”

A large dome in the center of the room slowly moved around.

“Gorea is inside of that dome, the Seal Sphere.” Gorea pointed to the dome. “Inside of that sphere is the real form of Gorea, at least the visible form.”

“How will Gorea get out of the Seal Sphere?”

“Destroy it.” Gorea said with a chuckle.

Sylux was the first to fire at the Seal Sphere. Suddenly, the room shook. “What was that Gorea?”

“It’s working,” a small crack appeared on the dome. “Keep firing.”

Weavel and Spire fired at the Seal Sphere and the room shook again. They continued firing at the sphere and it cracked open.

“Get ready,” Gorea said. “I have finally comes into this world once again.” Gorea disappeared and the room became flooded with light.

Sylux threw himself on the ground hoping to shield his eyes from the great light. Kanden, Weavel and Noxus froze in awe at the sight and Spire simply closed his eyes. A sudden rush of air entered the air and the light in the room faded away.

“Gorea where are you!” Sylux yelled. “Save us!”

“You promised,” Kanden wandered around in the dark.

“No worries,” a voice said. “I have finally come back to this land and now there is no one to stop me.” The room slowly light up.

“The universe has not known terror such as this.” Someone said.

Sylux turned around. “Trace, what are you doing here?”

“I followed you six here in pathetic ship of yours.” Trace said.

“So you really did enter our ship.”

“I was in your ship ever since our meeting in the Celestial Archives. I accidentally revealed myself to, but Gorea then changed his form to Samus and that was my chance to disappear.”

“Gorea, attack him now.” Sylux yelled as a ball of light hit Trace in the floor.

Trace fell to the floor and screamed in pain. “I…I’ve…been defeated by an entity, what an honor!” Traced closed his eyes. “I will find a way to kill you Sylux.”

“He’s dead,” Sylux said. “He’s really dead.”

“I guess it time to get going.” Sylux entered the elevator.

Kanden, Weavel, Noxus and Spire followed him into the elevator.

The Past, the Present and the Future

The elevator rose, but stopped at the fourth floor. The exited the elevator and entered a fiery room.

“That’s strange, this room used to be deserted.”

“I know where this is,” Spire said. “It’s Mondreus; this is room where I was born.”

A large fiery creature held a small creature in its hands. “That is my mother, Ire,” Spire said. “I must leave this room, what is to come will only hurt me deeply.” Spire walked to the elevator.

Sylux, Kanden, Weavel and Noxus followed Spire’s mother. Ire ran and they followed her.

“Spire, remember this, don’t trust the Kriken, they are evil. When you are grown up and see me again, Mondreus will be destroyed and all the Diamont shall be murdered by the Kriken Empire.” Ire out the child down and ran away from the child.

“This is as far as you go,” someone red said.

Ire walked toward the voice. “How are you?”

“My name is… you can call me the Empire.”

“Why are you here?”

“I heard you talking about the Diamont being murdered by the Kriken, my people,” the Empire said. “That statement is true. Die!”

“No, please don’t kill me for a rumor!”

“Rumors might not always be false statements. Die!”

“No please don’t kill me, only the child knows about that statement.” Ire began to weep. “Take the child, but let it live; it knows nothing.”

“Very well,” The Empire smirked. “Die!”

The Empire fired a weapon that looked like the Judicator. Ire froze in a block of ice. “Die!” The Empire faded away into nothing.

They left the room and entered the elevator.

“Spire… your… people were murdered by Trace. I’m sorry.” Sylux said.

“I know, Trace showed me my mother’s dead body not too long ago,” Spire said. “He is an agent of evil; he does everything to bring pain to people. He made me watch him kill all the Diamont after showing me his evil self.”

The elevator stopped and they entered the fiery room again. This time it was different; Trace stood around a pile of dead bodies.

“Look Spire, your people are dead. You are the only survivor; that will end soon. Now, head to the Celestial Archives with Noxus and I will meet you there.”

They left the room and went back into the elevator.  The elevator stopped at the third floor and they entered the room. It was the Mondreus room, but it was snowing. The floor was frozen and very slippery.

“Careful,” Noxus said.

They slid through the room and it never changed.

“The room has not changed.”

“That is because this is the future.” A strange voice said.

“Who’s there?” Sylux said.

“You can’t see me, but you can hear my voice; it is I, Gorea.” Gorea said. “The fifth floor is the past of Mondreus, the fourth floor is the present of Mondreus and the third floor is the future of Mondreus. The reason why it is empty is because, as of right now, there is nothing for Mondreus, but you can change that.”

They left the room and entered the elevator. The elevator stopped at the second floor. The entered a frozen room. Someone that looked like Noxus stood in the center of the room.

“Do you vow to always serve in the army of the Vhozon Warriors?”

“I, Noxus, vow to always serve in the army of the Vhozon Warriors.”

They left the room and Noxus said, “That was me, when I became a Vhozon Warrior. That was very long ago.”

The elevator stopped at the first floor and they entered the frozen room again.

“This is Vho,” Noxus said. “The same place where I took that vow.”

Inside the room another Vhozon vowed to become a Vhozon Warrior.

“Why is the same thing happening?” Sylux asked.

“That is because in the present and future, the same is happening; Vhozon are taking that vow. That will stay the same until you, are someone else changes that.”

They entered the elevator and the elevator stopped at the Docking Bays. They exited the elevator and headed to the Delano 7. Sylux, Weavel, Noxus, Kanden and Spire entered the Delano 7 and Sylux started the ship.

“Gorea,” Sylux said. “Can you please repair my ship?” Suddenly, the cockpit shield reappeared and the Delano 7 exited the Oubliette.


“That team will pay.” A sinister voice said.

“Master, what do we do?”

“We must not let them know about our decoys.” The voice laughed. “Board their ship.”

Episodes 9-12

The Twin Fever

“We are we heading to next?” Kanden asked.

“I don’t know,” Sylux replied. “I can’t seem to think of something to do, now that Trace is dead. I mean when Trace was alive we had something to do, like run away from him, or find Gorea. I don’t know what Gorea plans to do; all I know is that our planets won’t be destroyed by him.”

“Well we can’t just sit here in this ship; it won’t be long until we are found by–” the ship rocked.

“What was that?” Weavel asked.

“I don’t know?” Sylux replied. “The ship’s losing power fast.” Sylux stood up from his chair. “Kanden, you stay here with the ship controls and Noxus, come with me.”

“Where are we going?” Noxus asked.

“We are going to the ship’s reactor.”

Sylux and Noxus left the cockpit and entered a small room.

“This is the reactor core.” Sylux said. “There are spare energy capsules in the reactor this way if the ship loses power, we can put one of the capsules and repower the ship.”

Sylux led the way the reactor. The reactor was a small room, with a machine in the middle of the room.

“That is the engine, the energy capsules are in the engine.” Sylux grabbed something from the engine. “These are energy capsules; they come in four colors. Purple, red, blue and yellow; purple capsules contain 10 units of energy, red, 20 units, blue holds 60 units and yellow holds 100. We need 300 units of energy to turn the ship back on and 1000 units to fully power the ship. The problem is there are only two purples, one red, one blue and one yellow.”

“That means only 200 units,” Noxus said. “That is not enough to start the ship.”

“No need to start the ship,” A voice said. “It’s already on.”

The lights in the reactor turned on. “Spire, what are you doing here?”

“I came down here to tell the ship turned back on.”

“Thank you,” Sylux, Noxus and Spire left the reactor. The entered the cockpit.

“Back already, the ships not even on.” Kanden said in confusion.

“Spire, what’s going on?” Noxus asked.

Spire laughed. “Don’t you know Noxus?”

“Ah!” Noxus laughed.

Kanden and Weavel began to also laugh.

“Why are you five laughing?” Sylux asked.

The laugh began to increase. “Silence!” Sylux yelled.

“We don’t listen to you,” Spire said as his body’s form changed into Trace. “I am Trace, I don’t listen to you.”

“We won’t either,” Kanden said as he also turned into Trace. Weavel and Noxus turned into Trace.

“Trace, why are you here?”

“I am here to kill you.” Trace said.

“How do I know which one of you are Trace?”

“I am Trace, or 1.”

“I am Noxus, or 2,” 2 said as his skin color turned from red to blue.

“I am Weavel, but you can call me 3.” 3’s skin color changed from red to green.

“And I am Kanden, or 4,” 4’s skin color changed from red to yellow.

“So,” Sylux said. “1, where are Noxus, Kanden, Spire, and Weavel?”

“They are right here.” 1 replied.

“We’ve been Kriken since we were born.” 2 laughed.

“Sorry Sylux,” 3 said. “I’m not Weavel.”

“We’ve all been lying to you ever since we met.” 4 said with a laugh.

“What about Samus was she a Kriken also?”

“No and yes, she survived the Imperialist shot long ago.” 1 replied.

“Where is she?”

“She’s dead, Gorea killed her.”


“Know this,” 1 said. “That is not the real Samus. The real Samus is loose somewhere in the universe. That Imperialist shot was set to stun, not kill, unlike the shot used on General Almiiak.”

“Where is the General?”

“He is in his sarcophagus in Alinos.”

“1, answer this; who’s body did we find in the Combat Hall?”

“That body was the body of a Kriken. That Kriken was not killed but pretended to be dead. 2 then froze that body, thus not allowing it to be harmed.”

“2, I have to ask you a question,” Sylux turned towards 2. “If the Samus that we buried was frozen, then how was that Kriken destroyed by Gorea?”

“Well,” 2 replied. “It appears that Gorea is strong enough to penetrate the indestructible defense system.”

“Then indestructible is destructible for Gorea. You four should be scurrying in fear of being annihilated by Gorea.” Sylux laughed.

“We’re not going anywhere.” 1 smirked. “Bring in the rock.”

2, 3 and 4 left the cockpit.

“What’s the rock?” Sylux asked.

“The rock is a rock from the planet Twin Tabula. Do you know what is special about that planet?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well,” 1 paused. “That is your worst nightmare.”

2, 3 and 4 entered the cockpit holding a large rock on their shoulders.

“That is the rock, it carries a great disease. That disease is called Twin Fever.”

“Twin Fever, that’s funny, sounds just like the planet’s first name.”

“Touch that rock and you will get Twin Sight; everything you see will appear to be doubled. That double vision will only subside when you are about to die. Keep that in mind as a sign that you are almost dead.” 1 stood behind Sylux. “Touch it or we’ll make you.”

“I will never touch it unless you tell me two more questions.”

“Okay, ask.”

“Why don’t 2, 3 and 4 get the disease when they touch it?”

“They did get the disease; the symptoms have yet to come. No one knows that the Twin Fever comes from the Kriken Empire. We first found out the disease existed when a Kriken was cut by a blade and touched his blood. Word reached that the blood caused him to see double vision. The double vision began to dwindle, and then that Kriken suddenly died. We dumped the body on Twin Tabula and took a drop of blood from the dead body and put it on the floor. The blood seeped into the ground and the planet’s floor became infected. Soon, everyone in the planet got the disease and all life in the planet died.”

Sylux stood silent for a moment. “Why do you four not worry about being killed by Gorea?”

“That is because we still look like Spire, Noxus, Kanden and Weavel. Only you can see our true forms. Since we look like our fake forms, we will not be harmed, according to the promise that Gorea made with 4 in Arcterra. That’s all the questions for now. Get up and touch the rock.”

Sylux touched the rock with his foot.

“You fool; you thought you could outsmart the disease by touching the rock with your foot. Oddly enough, the disease travels to the foot first and then to the eyes. If you really wanted to get more time without the disease, you should have touched with your head.”

Sylux laughed. “Thank you. I never touched it,” Sylux got down on his knees and touched the rock with his forehead. He quickly removed his head from the rock. “Well I definitely outsmarted you into telling me the body part that I could use to get the most double vision free time.”

“What?” 1 touched his mouth. “Ah! I said something I wasn’t supposed to.”

“Sir,” 2 said. “Someone has entered the room.”

“Where is he 2?” 1 looked around the room.

“He’s right next to Sylux. How do you not see him?” 3 asked.

“I see him too.” 4 said.

“Looks like touching the rocking with your hands got you the disease faster than me.” Sylux said.

“Sir, I mean, 1, the person is fading away.” 3 collapsed to the ground.

“He’s dead?” Sylux asked.

“Yes,” 1 said as 2 and 4 fell to the ground. “So are 2 and 4.”

“How much time do I have left before I die?” Sylux asked.

“A single head touch would give you about three days before the double vision occurs, six days with the double vision, and then ten more days with the double vision subsiding.”

“What did you mean by single?”

“When 2, 3 and 4 touched the rock, they held onto the rock, causing them to get the disease constantly; the more diseases, the faster you die. See, it only took the five minutes to die. Bravo Sylux, you have 19 days to live.”

Sylux turned into the Lockjaw.

“Where are you Sylux?”

Sylux laid two bombs in front of and back of 1 and 1 collapsed to the ground.

“You’ll be unconscious for an eternity.”

Sylux picked up 1’s body and threw it on top of the rock.

“Go have some Twin Sight in your dreams.”

The ships emergency lights turned off. Sylux sat down on his chair and cried. There he was, all alone, sitting in the dark. As he knew, he had 19 days to live.

What is there to do? He asked himself. Everyone I know is dead or missing.

An Unexpected Surprise

“Sylux,” A voice said.

“Who’s there?”

“It is I, Gorea; telepathic communication.”

“Can you start the ship?”

“Yes,” Gorea said as the ship turned on. “I must tell you about a cure for the Twin Fever.”

“A cure, where?”

“Let me explain,” Gorea paused. “First, I will remove the rock from the ship, as well as the dead, infected bodies.”

“Wait! Incinerate them first; their bodies and the rock will infect space, causing everyone to get the disease.”

“Ah, airborne diseases would be deadly.” Gorea said as the bodies of 1, 2, 3, and 4 combusted and left behind a pile of ash. “You can’t incinerate a rock that easily; it is a piece of Twin Tabula’s ground.”

“Then try teleporting the rock to the planet’s surface.”

“Good idea,” the rock disappeared, along with the pile of ash.

Something remained in the center of the room. “Gorea,” Sylux said. “Do you see that?”

“I don’t know what that is.” Gorea paused. “Don’t touch it until I have found out what it is.”

The object on the floor started to flash a green light.

“Sylux, it’s a beacon.”

“Am I being tracked?”

“Yes, but it appears to have no hostile intent.”

Sylux looked out the cockpit window. A ship larger than the Delano 7 approached his ship. The ship was yellow and had a red cockpit, with a green cockpit shield. The letters M E D V were painted in red letters across the ship.

“A transmission is being sent to this ship,” Gorea said. “I will translate it.”

A small beeping could be heard. “I am an ally. I am going to board your ship, the Delano 7. I know who you are, and when you see me, you will know who I am.”

“I wonder who that is.” Sylux paused. “It couldn’t possibly be… no.”

The MEDV stopped moving and someone jumped out of the ship. Attached to that person was a rope.

“That’s weird, it has a rope.” Sylux said.

“That it is a she.” Gorea laughed. “Another transmission is being sent out to. You’re ship is wrecked. Ask Gorea to give you an oxygen mask; I am going to shot a hole into your ship with my missiles.”

“Gorea, you know what to do.” An oxygen mask and an oxygen tank appeared in front of Sylux.

Sylux bent and put on the oxygen mask.

This cannot possibly be Samus, Sylux thought to himself. But who would use missiles and know me?

“I know what you’re thinking,” Gorea said. “It could very well be Samus.”

“You omniscient killing machine, you should know if it is Samus or not; you know everything.”

“I know, but I will not tell you; she boards the ship now.”

The ship rocked and a hole appeared in front of Sylux. Someone appeared from within the hole.

Battle of the Gods

“Samus?” Sylux jumped off his chair and hugged Samus.

“Hello, Sylux!” Samus replied with joy.

“Samus! And that means company!”

“Company, what do you mean?” Samus asked.

“Well,” Sylux paused. “Kanden and Weavel were evil. They betrayed us.”

“What about Trace; he almost killed me.”

“As far as I know, Trace is–”

“Not dead,” A voice said.

“T…Trace… you’re dead… twice.” Sylux froze in fear.

“No one kills Trace, leader of the Kriken Empire. I am all powerful, even that entity Gorea cannot slay me. I am power beyond reckoning. I am evil unrelenting. I am terror that the universe has not known about. I am an omnipotent killing machine. Gorea cannot kill me!” Trace yelled. “Samus, so happy to see you. Oh wait, I’m not. Because when I see you I realize that I made a mistake by showing mercy on your soul. You are the last person I will share mercy with in my whole life.”

“When did you become an omnipotent killing machine?” A loud voice asked.

“Oh look, Gorea has finally decided to talk with actual words… not telepathic messages.” Trace taunted. “

“Do not taunt me!” Gorea yelled.

“I have nothing to fear. Invulnerable to Gorea is vulnerable to Trace.”

“Silence, Trace. I will kill you right now!”

“Go ahead; give me your worst.”

Sylux and Samus were transported to another location. A large window appeared in front of them, and they could see Trace standing in the middle of space.

“Ah, space, what a great place to put me. Go blow me up.” Trace turned into a piece of green wood.

The darkness of space was torn asunder by a flash of yellow lightning. The yellow lightning struck the green wood. Gorea yelled with a voice of thunder. The green wood burst into an orange blaze. The orange blaze died away and was reborn on wings of blue smoke. Tendrils of blue smoke weaved together to make the geometry of the violet crystal. The violet crystal shattered into many pieces, leaving a red stain. The red stain vanished, and Trace remained unharmed.

“Is that all you got?” Trace asked.

“It looks like it,” Sylux said to Samus.

Sylux and Samus were teleported back to the Delano 7.

“Trace,” Gorea said. “You are truly indestructible. I cannot defeat you.”

“Thank you,” Trace began to laugh. “Shall I give you my worst?”

“If you give me your worst, I will be destroyed; forever.”

“I take that as a no.” Trace stopped laughing. “I was looking forward to destroying you Gorea. How about this; you attempt to kill me again, and I get one attempt to kill you. Do we have a deal?”

“No!” Gorea yelled. “I will not give into my pride; I know I am defeat able, just like you.”

“What?” Trace asked. “You think I can be defeated?” Trace laughed.

“Your pride is a veil over your eyes,” a voice said. “You’ve become so proficient in the art of war that you consider yourself invincible.”

“Who said that?”

“I did,” a red figure appeared in front of Trace. “Trace, my son, why have you become so evil?”

“Father,” Trace began to shake. “You’re…dead.”

“Why have you become so evil?”

“It’s your fault. You killed my mother in front of my face. Then you killed yourself. I vowed that day that I would strive to become like the evil man that killed my family. Since then, I trained and become like a god.”

“So you are not a god?” Gorea asked.

“No, I am not,” Trace looked at his feet in shame. “I have let pride get the best of me. Sorry Father.”

“Good, my son.” Trace’s father hugged him. “Give up this evil life and come with me. We can start over. Rule over our own planet as father and son.”

“Yes father.” Trace slipped out of his father’s embrace. “If you are alive, where is mother?”

“Your mother gave birth to you and then left.”

“Why would she leave?”

“When she gave birth to you, she gave you to me. She didn’t even know who I was.” Trace’s father shed a tear. “She ran away and was killed by another Kriken, who then turned and killed himself.” Trace paused. “The memory you have of your mother being killed by your father is fake; it was implemented into your brain when you were young.”

“So I am evil because of a fake memory?”

“You are evil for no reason. Since you were brought up without me, you were trained to be a superior Kriken. That is why you were the konungur, leader of the Kriken Empire.”

“Why didn’t you raise me as your son?”

“I was imprisoned for interfering with the konungur’s plans. It turned out that the konungur wanted you and your mother dead, at least that’s what they told me. They took you from my hands and I never saw you until you were the konungur.”

“So you are the one that came to me when I released all of the prisoners from the past.”

“Yes, that was me. They took you away from me as soon as they found me, leaving no time for me to care for you or teach you anything.”

“I am sorry for not recognizing you.” Trace turned away from his father. “I suppose it’s time to go.”

“Were should we go?” Trace’s father asked.

“No where…but you…you… should go to your death!” A ball of fire came out of Trace’s mouth and it incinerated his father. “No!”

“Don’t try to act like that was an accident.” Gorea said. “Your pride will come before your fall.”

Trace disappeared.

Crash Course

“Sylux!” Gorea yelled. “Trace is going to kill you. He is sending a fleet of ships packed with Kriken soldiers your way. Go with Samus in the MEDV and head to Alinos.”

“Gorea, please teleport us to the MEDV.” Sylux said. Samus and Sylux were teleported to the MEDV. “Now, fix my ship and make it put on auto pilot.” The Delano 7 powered up and disappeared. “Gorea, where is my ship?”

“Your ship is in the MEDV cargo hold.” Another Delano 7 appeared next to the MEDV. “That is a faithful replica of the bear up Delano 7.” Gorea laughed. “Trace and the Kriken will find this ship with an automated version of you. That automated machine will look exactly like you and when it is destroyed, it will not look like a machine or a hologram; Trace will not be able to tell whether that is really you are not.”

“Good thinking Gorea.”

“Let’s get going.” Samus said as she sat down on the pilot’s chair. “Sylux, this ship has four turrets. Three of them are auto turrets that fire at targets and the last turret is a Vigilance Class Turret. The only difference is that it is capable of firing heat seeking missiles.” Sylux walked manned the turret controls and the MEDV headed to Alinos.

“Estimated time of arrival is 30 minutes.” The ship’s computer said.

The MEDV was an advanced ship designed by the Galactic Federation to find enemies, as its name, Moving Enemy Detector Vessel, implies. It would be able to find the enemy so long as a piece of the enemy remained. It would then scan that object and the enemy’s position would be revealed.

“Get ready for a long ride,” Samus said.

“Sure,” Sylux said. “Samus, when you landed on Alinos the first time, what really happened?”

“I had just finished a mission of my own on the planet Tallon IV, when I received a distress signal from an unknown galaxy. I followed the signal and I was pulled into the Tetra Galaxy by a strong gravitational pull. My ship was damaged by the force of the gravitational pull. I managed to pilot my ship to Alinos, a red planet, where the distress signal was coming from. You were the first person to find me. True fully, I believe it is possible that the Federation sent that distress signal so I could find you; but I don’t know it that is possible or not.”

“Yet somehow, all of our stories are intertwined; it’s amazing!” Sylux said with joy. “It all started with me, on my planet, Cyclosis. I stole from the Federation what they were about to give me and refused to give it back. If I ever see them again, I will give them my ship back for them to take it out of prototype phase. I fled to Alinos while Kanden and Weavel were being experimented on. Kanden accidently exploded the factory that they were in and Weavel was severed in half. A scientist saved Weavel and created the Halfturret so he could cut himself in half; all he had to do was think it and it would be done. Kanden and Weavel were found by the Federation and they sent them to the Kriken Empire to stop General Almiiak from taking Trace. They failed and were brought to Alinos. Then along comes Noxus and Spire and you were killed.”

“I was never killed,” Samus said. “It was the strangest thing; when he shot General Almiiak, he died. But then he shot me at point blank range and I didn’t feel a thing. He hit me in the head with his gun and I was knocked unconscious. It turns out he put a Kriken in the form of Samus, which was still alive. He carried my body to my ship and sent it on auto pilot, attempting to send it as far as possible. But then I woke up and I found out I was three galaxies away from the Tetra Galaxy. I turned back and I just returned to the Tetra Galaxy a few moments ago and I found you.”

“Entering asteroid belt,” the ship’s Computer said. “Caution advised.”

“That can’t be good,” Samus said. “I will pilot the ship to avoid the asteroids and you will need to shoot the asteroids.”

“Sure,” Sylux said.

He fired a missile at one of the asteroids and it exploded. Samus piloted the MEDV and dodged many asteroids.

“Where are all these asteroids coming from?”

“I believe that the Oubliette was surrounded by asteroids, so now that the portal is open, the asteroids are being pulled into the galaxy. While I was heading to the Oubliette, an asteroid hit the cockpit shield and it cracked.”

“Thanks Sylux, I will be careful.” Samus said.

Immediately, an asteroid slammed into the side of the MEDV and knocked the ship of course. The ship spun around recklessly slamming into more asteroids.

“Oh no, the ship is being badly damaged,” Samus said with panic. “I can’t control the ship anymore; the controls are broken.” Samus looked down in defeat. “The only way this ship can be fixed, is by taking it to the Galactic Federation to fix the ship.”

“Since we are only five minutes away from Alinos, we can just go there in my own ship.”

“Sure,” Samus said as she stood up from here chair and walked to the ship’s cargo hold.

Sylux followed after Samus as they walked to the cargo hold.


The MEDV rocked back and forth after each asteroid hit the ship, knocking Samus and Sylux of balance.

“Computer, notify us when an asteroid is going to hit the ship,” Samus said.

“Notification set,” the ship’s computer said.

“That’s a good plan,” Sylux said with a laugh.

“Asteroids are coming your way…now!” Samus and Sylux threw themselves on the ground.

The ship rocked back and forth and Samus and Sylux lay on the ground and they kept their balance.

“Maybe we should just crawl all the way,” Sylux said.


Sylux and Samus crawled towards the Delano 7.

“Now! Now!” Asteroid after asteroid hit the ship. “Now!”

“Computer, stop telling us when we are going to get hit!”

“Confirmed,” the ship’s computer said.

“Ah, we’ve made it.”

Sylux stood up and entered the Delano 7. Samus followed him into the ship.

“That was a peaceful crawl,” Samus said sarcastically.

Sylux started the ship and it slowly lifted from the ground.

“Computer, empty the cargo hold.”

“Cargo emptied.”

The cargo hold’s floor opened up and the Delano 7 rested in space. The Delano 7 moved towards Alinos.


The Delano 7 landed in the Alinos Docking Bays.

“We’re here,” Sylux said.

Sylux and Samus exited the Delano 7.