186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 28

📆 28 – 💎6 Psalm 23 has to be the most famous of Psalms. It has been quoted in movies, books, wall pictures and bookmarks. It makes a regular appearance on Sunday morning sermons, yet this psalm belongs to Jews, Christians, and Muslims as part of their God sanctioned Scriptures.

The Psalm is about pain and suffering, about fear and anxiety.

And about God’s ability to be larger than all those things that wear away at our mental and emotional strength.

He is the kind of God that is always watching over us, like a Shepherd.

He is the kind of God that sets up a table in the middle of our enemies and gives us the peace to eat while they eagerly away our demise.

This perspective is a Godly state of mind and when trouble arises, repeating these words can lift your spirits and give you a hope and a future.

Read Psalm 23, if you don’t already know it by heart, take the time to memorize it. When you are going through something too great for you to handle, say these words out loud or to yourself.

Trust that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He is looking out for you!

Remember, the Word of God speaks most clearly when you are reading the Bible.

Read Scriptures for Day 28 here.