Fires of Darkness is a story that I am currently writing about a group of seven warriors that have set out into Fire and Darkness to infiltrate an opposing land to perform a sneak attack.

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The Lost Forest

Silas lay on his cold bed. The horrible stench of seaweed filled his nose. Desert life was difficult; the days were hot and the nights were very cold. He tossed a rock in the air, caught it and threw it in the air again. He caught the rock and repeated the process. It was his way of lulling himself to sleep; his way of dealing with the cold night. His sister, Samira, lay asleep in her bed. She would pass the cold by going to sleep during the sunset. She would go to sleep during the sunset because the heat and cold were balanced perfectly for thirty minutes and she could fall asleep.

Silas was the leader of the king’s seven officials. The other six officials were, Jonathan, his younger brother, Samantha, Wendell, Solomon, Noah and Kanden.

Daytime would approach soon. Every day, he would get up early and practice his arrow shooting in the secret armory in his room. The armory was a small room that had empty weapon racks, and a few broken arrow targets. Drawings of ferocious monsters were plastered onto the targets to make the target practicing more realistic. As if Silas was actually shoot a monster with a bow and arrow.

After his arrow practicing, he would report to the king’s room, which was inside a heavily defended castle. There, the king would tell him what he would like to do. He would usually send the officials on missions to neighboring kingdoms, to slay monsters or to settle disputes. But this day was different. Today was the only day the king officials were allowed to not work for the king. They would get the last day of every two months off, giving them a total of six days of rest.

Silas blinked away the multiple times as his eyes adjusted from dark to light, as did his heart. In darkness, his heart would be filled with hatred towards the person who murdered his parents. He did not want this hatred, but wanted to fall asleep that is why he tossed a rock in the air, hoping he could fall asleep. But he never could. The only times he could get some sleep was if he was so tired he dropped to the ground and fell asleep, or if he was knocked unconscious by someone or something.

His parents were murdered by a member of the Kriken Empire, the Northern Empire. The kingdom of Auriga was divided into two empires. The Northern Empire, and the Southern Empire, called the Lynaih Empire. Silas lived in the Lynaih Empire. All from the Lynaih Empire were called Lyonnais, and those from the Kriken Empire were simply called Kriken.

Silas jumped out of his bed and grabbed his bow from his closet. An empty wall was to his right. He walked to the wall and pushed it. The wall pushed in, revealing a door. Silas walked through the door and entered the armory. He grabbed his quiver full of arrows and put it over his shoulders. He set up his target as a large beast called a Korrak, commonly referred to as a Korrak Beast. Korrak Beasts were large creatures similar to horses in that they were both land animals that could be ridden by people. Hussars, the Korrak Beast’s rider, were brave people who would play jousting with another Hussar. The Hussar and the Korrak Beast had an unusual bond that is the Hussar was killed; it would seek to avenge its rider, causing it to be very aggressive and uncontrollable.

The Korrak Joust, (as the name of the sport was) was very dangerous. It involved a two Hussars and their Korrak’s, killing each other. The survivor, which was usually a Korrak, would win and have their wounds treated. If a Hussar survived, he would be brought medical attention and his Korrak would be treated. The winner would also be given much fame and a lot of victory money. Sometimes people would go Korrak Jousting for fun.

Silas marked five spots and put an x on each one. He stood away from his targets and grabbed an arrow. Put the shaft on the arrow rest. He pulled back the bowstring and aimed at his target, the Korrak Beast’s foot. This was the first of five targets to hit that would bring down a Korrak so that it could be moved to a pit of lava and be incinerated or be captured and used as a Hussar’s ride. He breathed slowly and released the arrow. The bowstring twanged and Silas could feel the vibration passing from the string to the bow, all the up to his shoulder. The arrow sailed through the air until it hit the Korrak’s foot.

“Yes it hit the x!” Silas exclaimed.

Silas grabbed another arrow and put on the arrow rest. He pulled back the bowstring and aimed at the Korrak’s second foot and released the arrow. The arrow hit the x and Silas grabbed another arrow and fired it at the Korrak’s third foot; this time without aiming properly. The arrow sailed through the air and hit the Korrak’s head. He’d missed his target. If he hit the head before shooting the four legs, he would be found and eaten by the beast.

“Uh oh,” Silas said to himself. “I’d be dead right now.”

He walked to the Korrak’s head and grabbed the arrow. He tried pulling it out but it didn’t budge.

“It’s stuck in the wall,” someone said.

“Who’s there,” Silas said as he attempted to pull the arrow out of the wall.

“Why don’t you turn around and see.”

Silas turned around. “Pardon me King, if you felt I was being rude, just in case.”

“Hello Silas, I need to talk to you.”

“What it is it?” Silas said.

“We are going to go to war with the Kriken Empire.”

“Why? I thought we were at peace with the Northern Empire,” Silas stood confused.

“The statement, ‘We are at peace with the Kriken Empire,’ is a lie.”

“What makes it a lie?”

“It all started long ago. My wife, Maria, was negotiating with Trace, commander of the Kriken army. I came to her with my son and she said, ‘Trace, do it now.’ He put up a barricade and killed her. I was deeply hurt by this act even if Maria wanted it to happen. I jumped over the barricade with my horse and attacked Trace with my sword. He turned into a bat and said, ‘You cannot kill me, I am a god.’”

“That’s very strange,” Silas said.

“We are going to war tomorrow night. I will send you and the officials ahead of us so you can perform a sneak attack while the war is official. We signal you when you can fight.”

“When should we prepare to leave?”

“You are to get your team now and leave now, while the night is still cold and the sun is not raised. Talk to Jonathan and ask him about a ‘secret armory.’” The king left the room.

“Sure,” Silas said.

He grabbed his bow and quiver of arrows and closed his armory door. He walked outside and saw Jonathan standing outside his house.

“Hello Jonathan.”

“Hello brother,” Jonathan replied.

“The king told me to ask you about a ‘secret armory.’ So where’s the secret armory?”

“The king would be referring to the secret armory in my room.”


“Yes, you have your secret room, the archery range, I have a royal armory and Samira has a warm room that she sleeps in every night.”

Jonathan walked back into his house and Silas followed him to his room.

“Push this wall please,” Jonathan said.

Silas pushed the wall and it pushed in revealing a door.

“Shall we?” Jonathan asked sarcastically.

Jonathan and Silas had a good relationship with each other, even though Silas was three years older than Jonathan. Jonathan was one year older than Samira. When Silas was six years old, his parents were murdered, leaving him to care for his two younger siblings. He hated the day his parents called him only to have them be killed in front of his eyes. Before his father died, he told him, “Humans are like Korrak Beast, if you kill their rider, someone they care for and love, the will avenge you, so son, raise Jonathan and Samira as the parents we never had the chance to be.” So Silas parents died in his hands small cold hands.

“Silas!” Jonathan had been calling at him for a while.

“Huh? Oh sorry I was lost in thought.”

“About what?”

“Our relationship and how it started with our parents been killed by someone. He told me that Korrak’s and humans are the same, if you kill someone the love, they will avenge them. Then he told me to raise you two as parents.”

“Oh, well let’s get going.” Jonathan, like Silas, had been trying to not remember what happened when their parents were killed.

“Wow,” Silas said in awe.

All the weapons Silas dreamed of were here. Fifty quivers full of arrows lay in a large box in a corner of the room.

“Take all the arrows you want, just leave some arrows for Samantha,” Jonathan said sarcastically.

Silas bent down and grabbed three quivers. He walked over to a pile of swords. One sword caught his eye, Swaard Van Lig, the Sword of Light. Swaard Van Lig was a beautiful sword with a dark purple onyx in the hilt that glistened in the moon light.

Swaard Van Lig, what a beautiful sword,” Silas said as he swung the sword in the air.

“That sword is a very nice sword,” Jonathan replied.

“Well it’s mine right?”

Jonathan laughed. “You can take the sword, no one will accuse you of stealing it; this is just a pile of unused weaponry from ages ago.”

“How have then preserved for so long?”

“No one knows about this place except for me, you and the king.”

“How does that affect the fact that they’re preserved?”

“Well…actually… all the weapons and armors in this room are magical, not allowing them to be affected by the outside world; they cannot rust, get scrapped or be melted down.”

“Who knew magical weapons would be in our house?”

“Well, get your weapons and armors and let’s go the Inn.” Jonathan walked out of the room and left the house.

“Well I’ll just grab take those three quivers, some armor and that sword.”

Silas grabbed a sheath and put Swaard Van Lig in at and grabbed a helmet. He put on the helmet and grabbed some full body chain mail. He put on the chain mail and put a silver breastplate on top of it. He grabbed a grabbed a shield made of mithril and put on some silver boots. He exited his house and walked to Jonathan.

“Jonathan, I’m done,” Silas said.

“To the inn.” Jonathan and Silas walked towards the inn, which was not too far from their house.

“Hello Jonathan and Silas, what can I do for you two?”

“Nothing, we are actually here to wake up the king’s officials.”

“Oh! Go ahead,” Silas went to the second floor and Jonathan went to wake up Noah, Solomon and Kanden. Silas woke up Samantha and Wendell. They all walked outside the inn and stood outside.

“What is going on?” Noah asked, closing his eyes to try to fall back to sleep.

“First, we must come to my house; don’t say one word.”

Silas and his team walked to his house. Silas opened the door slowly revealing a crack of moonlight that lit up the house. Silas walked into the house they followed him into Jonathan’s room. Silas pushed a wall in and revealed a door. Silas opened the door.

“Come in.”

Silas, Jonathan, Samantha, Wendell, Kanden, Noah and Solomon walked into the secret armory.

“Wow!” Samantha said in awe.

“Guns?” Noah yelled.

“Don’t yell,” Silas said.

Samantha went to grab a bow and she took six quivers full of arrows. Noah walked to a pile of guns and pulled out an Etherblast Gun, a gun that could shoot bullets from nothing. Solomon walked to a pile of spears and grabbed a halberd, a spear that had an axe mounted onto it. Kanden grabbed five light weight daggers, and grabbed a long sword. He put his sword in the sheath and put his daggers in separate sheaths. Wendell walked over to a pile of swords and saw something bright. It was a sword on fire.

“There a sword on fire,” Wendell said.

Jonathan walked to the sword. “Wendell, that’s a fire sword.”

“Ooh,” Wendell said with excitement.

He bent down and grabbed the fire sword. Wendell stared at the sword in awe.

“Wendell, if you take that sword, you can’t use a sheath,” Silas said.

“Why?” Wendell still stared at the blade in awe. Its bright colors blinded him with pure amazement. He was clearly entranced by the blade.

Silas walked over to him and slapped him in the face.

“Hey, what was that about?”

“You were entranced by that blade.”

“Okay, why can’t I use a sheath?”

“If you use a leather sheath, it will burn. If you use a metal sheath, the sword and the sheath will be too heavy and you will not want to carry it, and the flames would heat up the sheath, causing you to drop it, causing you to carry the sword alone.”

“Okay, I will carry it, it seems light enough.”

“Jonathan,” Silas said. “You haven’t taken any weapons.”

Jonathan walked to pile of battle axes. He grabbed a battle axe that had two axe heads.

“Are we ready to go?”

“Not yet,” someone said.

“Who said that?”

A young boy entered the room.

“My name is Joseph; the king said it was fine that I join your team.”

“Joseph, come with me,” Silas said.

Silas and Joseph walked to the castle, where the king was.

“How do I know you are not lying; I’ve never even seen you before.”

“That’s because I just got here.”

“What, then how would the king even know about you?”

“Let me tell you from the beginning.”


“My father secretly works for the Kriken Empire; he seeks to assassinate the king in his sleep. I’ve fled from the Kriken Empire to warn the king. He was so happy when I told him that he said I could go with you.” Silas began to open the castle doors.

“It is okay, Silas; the king has fifty soldiers surrounding him.”

“Okay, but I still don’t believe. How did you get here?”

“I fled from the Kriken Empire in a small boat. My boat was destroyed by a storm and it sunk to the ocean floor. Good thing I was so close to the shore, I could swim to it. I almost drowned, but I managed to reach the store. I walked into the king’s castle after a long sleep on the desert floor. I told him what was going to come and he said I could join your team.”

“Still don’t believe you.” Silas said as he walked into the castle and Joseph ran after him.

“Silas wait!”

Silas ran around the caste and crawled up the stairs and there he was, in the king’s room. The room was empty and the king lay in his bed, asleep. Joseph had lied to him. Silas ran to the king’s bed. He drew Swaard Van Lig and stood by the king. The moonlight reflected off the sword.

“King,” Silas said as he shook the king awake. “King, wake up, you are at risk of being assassinated.”

The body turned over.

“Your too late, the king is already dead.”

“No!” Silas ran out of the room and ran to his house.

“Silas, what’s going on?”

“First, that boy, Joseph, lied to me and said that he told the king that he was going to be assassinated, and he said that he king’s room was filled with fifty soldiers, and it was empty. Second, the king is missing, and I fear he was assassinated.” Silas paused. “Third, the queen was murdered in front of the king’s face by the leader of the Kriken army. Forth, we are to perform a sneak attack on the Kriken Empire, which means we have to leave right now. Fifth, I can’t trust in Joseph anymore.” Silas walked out of the secret armory.

“Let’s go, we have our mission.” Jonathan said.

Jonathan, Samantha, Wendell, Kanden, Noah and Solomon left the house and followed Silas.

“Let’s get going.” Silas said.

They walked out of the Lynaih Empire and they stood in the cold desert.

“My mother told me that if you ever wanted to revenge someone, you would have to go through, a forest of trees, which you would never find your way through. If you made it through, you would have to wander in darkness. Then if you made it out the darkness, you would have to go through fire, and then you could have your revenge. It just so happens that to get to Kriken Empire you have to go through a forest, darkness and fire.”

Silas led the way through the desert.

“It’s so cold,” Wendell complained.

“Wendell, you have no reason to complain; you have a fire sword and it generates heat.”

They continued walking through the desert. The Lost Forest was about ten minutes east from the Lynaih Empire. Wendell walked around the team with his sword, providing warmth and heat against the cold. They arrived at the Lost Forest.

“Welcome to the Lost Forest,” Silas said. “I hope we can find our way out.”

The Lost Forest was a large forest that would trap anyone who entered because it was a labyrinth. A stone lay in the entrance of the forest.

“Don’t trust your senses, they deceive you,” Silas read. “It looks like that is the only clue to getting out this forest.”

“So what’s that supposed to me?” Noah asked.

“I think that since that is a clue, if you think you should head up, you should really head down.”

“So I think we should go right,” Solomon said.

“Left then,” Silas said.

They walked to the right and found a two way point.

“So what should it be?”

“Down, and that means up!” Jonathan said.

They walked upward and reach another two way point.

“Left!” Wendell said.

“Left? That makes no sense; there’s no wall to the left. That means right.” Samantha said.

They walked to the right and they found the exit.


“Seriously?” Silas said.

They exited the forest.


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The Spring of Life

Chapter 2: The Spring of Life

“That forest was a sad excuse for a challenge,” Wendell said.

“Yeah, whatever,” Simon said sarcastically.

“Careful, we enter the poison swamps, if we touch its poisoned waters, we will be hurt.” Kanden said.

Simon carefully maneuvered trough the poison swamps. Samantha, Wendell, Kanden, Noah and Solomon, followed Simon’s lead. The Swamps, as this area was called, was a desolate mountainous area that had its water poisoned by a poisonous plant named Flaahgra. Flaahgra was a large Bloodflower. Bloodflowers were ferocious plants that would spit its own blood onto it’s pray and the blood was so toxic that if the Bloodflower touched it, it would be poisoned. The swamps had once been a beautiful marshland that had many beautiful life forms. It attracted many, given Lynaih much money for visitors from the inn. But that time had been forever lost. Flaahgra grew to be a beautiful Bloodflower. Many people wanted to see the flower until one day, the flower poisoned the marshlands and no one went to that area ever again; except those brave enough to venture out to the farther lands.

“Ah! We’ve made it through that devilry!” Wendell said.

The ground shook.

“What was that?” Samantha asked.

A large creature came out the poison swamps.

“Who dares enter my swamps?” The large creature yelled.

“What is that?”  Solomon asked.

“I am Flaahgra, ruler of the Swamps; die!”

Flaahgra was a thirty foot tall snake like creature that stood in a large beautiful red flower. Flaahgra’s head was large and had small white eyes, attached to a large mask that looked like a face. The mask looked like a head with large red eyes. Flaahgra spit some of its blood from its mouth at Simon. Simon drew his sword and parried the projectile back at Flaahgra. The blood burned a hole in Flaahgra stem, its torso.

“Ah!” Flaahgra yelled in pain.

The hole in Flaahgra’s stem grew back and Simon ran towards the creature.

“Simon, wait!” Samantha ran after him and drew her bow.

“Let’s go,” Jonathan said as he drew his sword.

Wendell ran forward with his sword. Noah aimed his gun at Flaahgra and fired it. The bullet ricocheted of Flaahgra’s stem and hit the Jonathan in the arm and he fell to the ground. Kanden looked back at Jonathan whose arm was bleeding slowly.

“It’s okay Kanden, I’m fine,”

Kanden drew his sword and ran towards the flower. Samantha shoot an arrow at Flaahgra’s eye.

“My eye!” Flaahgra’s left eye closed.

Flaahgra began to spit blood at random sending many harmful projectiles towards Simon. Simon parried the projectiles at Flaahgra’s stem. Samantha fired an arrow through the projectile and it went through the stem and out.

“Yes!” Samantha said with excitement.

Kanden grabbed one of his daggers and threw it at Flaahgra. The dagger’s blade fell into the poisoned water and the blade melted.

Kanden scoffed. “I lost my blade!”

Solomon threw his partisan at Flaahgra’s right eye. The spear hit Flaahgra’s eye and bounced off and headed straight back to Solomon’s direction. Flaahgra’s right eye close and Flaahgra stopped moving.

“Solomon, watch out!” Kanden yelled.

He threw himself at Solomon and they rolled away from the spear.

“Thanks, you save my life.” Solomon said with gratitude.

“Everyone, stop!” Flaahgra yelled. “I have been defeated by you seven warriors. I see the ruin that is upon me, but I will not fight back.” Flaahgra’s eyes opened back up. “Cannot kill me; all you can do is greatly harm me.” Flaahgra’s body began to shrink until it was no more. Water gushed from the flower like a geyser and landed in the poisoned water.

The poisoned water changed from purple, to a bright blue color; the once spring of death had now become a spring of life. The water hit all of them in the face and they felt refreshed. Some of the water landed on Jonathan’s arm and he yelled.

“Jonathan!” Simon yelled as he ran towards him.

“It’s okay; the water has healing power. It is as if healing rain is pouring down from the sky.” Jonathan stood up and hugged his brother.

“Let’s get going.”

Kanden bent down and searched for his dagger. Kanden scoffed.

“It’s gone!”

“What’s gone?” Simon asked.

“My dagger; it fell into the poison swamps and melted.”

“Stop crying over that dagger; it’s not even yours to own.” Jonathan said.

Simon led the way through the swamps, which had turned into green grass in pools of water.

“What’s that?” Kanden asked pointing to something.

“I can’t see it from back here,” Solomon replied.

A village could be seen hidden by a small hill.

“Look, land!” Simon shouted.

They ran towards the village.