It could be easy going or maybe falling apart at the seems, but life sure has its ups and downs. Whatever it is that’s got you down, I’m pretty sure it’s very heavy. Anything thats got you feeling happy and upbeat, will change tempo in the course of a simple hiccup. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This same light illuminates the very steps that you walk. It doesn’t lead you in the wrong direction. it doesn’t change colors. It will change your perspective. Grant you enlightenment in times of uncertainty. Give you hope when you feel surrounded by the enemy. You merely have to take a closer look and notice that it’s Jesus. He is the light. He is the strong tower. He is the secure place. He doesn’t lead you into temptation, He delivers you from evil. All you have to do is listen.

The still voice in the turbulent winds. The Master of the universe is merely commanding you to take the helm and follow all His directions. He will save you from the perilous rocks and guide you into the lighthouse of safety. And you will find comfort and love as you slip into the Father’s embrace. From there He will whisper into your ear; not another command, but “well done thy good and faithful servant.”