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Christian’s Put on the Stand (P.O.T.S.) is a collaborative collection of Christian Writers and Thoughts on God.

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3 Psalms for Dealing with Depression

In our society, it’s hard not finding a person who isn’t dealing with depression. Our jobs, stress, and school all contribute to depression and anxiety in our lives. Overcoming depression isn’t easy and solutions can be difficult or hard to find.

Thankfully, the Bible gives us examples of how we should be dealing with depression through the Book of Psalms.

Take a look at these 3 psalms. Read them, meditate on them and believe them.

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Memento Mori

Music Review Memento Mori, Flyleaf (Expanded Version) (iTunes Digital Download) I was excited when my children downloaded the CD Memento [...]

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Rebellious Children

The book of Isaiah isn’t always filled with inspiring prophecies about the Messiah to come. Much of Isaiah is a strong rebuke of the Nation of Israel of that time. Nearly at the book’s mid-point, Isaiah puts it all out before the people by declaring — Woe to…

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God is Faithful

I once heard someone say, "Did you hear about John, he went to the candy store and he bought a lot of candy. He can't help himself." When someone says this, "he can't help himself," what they are really saying is that their comes a point in a person's life [...]