186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 46

📆 46 – 💎8 Standing above an open grave can be a scary experience. The freshly dug hole in the earth seeks to be filled with more earth, the earth found in our bodies. There are some people whose words are like an open grave.

Their words look to be filled with destruction and negativity. Psalm 5 describes these people as having untrustworthy words, hearts filled with malice, lying tongues and mouths like an open grave.

The Psalmist, David, cries out to God to take these people out of his life. David was surrounded by his staff members and citizens that were working to deceive him so that they could accomplish their own desires.

Do you know someone who is like this? They seem to only talk down about people or situations. Their criticism isn’t constructive, but like an open grave, they look for ways to fill their mouths with dead bodies.

If you took a moment to think about your life, are you that kind of person?

There is hope for both. Jesus came so that the Truth can be known, and that Truth could set us free from hurting ourselves and others.

Be the opposite of an open grave. Be a closed grave! Don’t let negative words fill your mind or mouth. Put good thoughts into your heart and look for opportunities to do good to others.

Can’t find opportunities? Then create some. You can step outside your door and give an encouraging word to the next person you meet.

Remember, the Word of God speaks most clearly when you are reading the Bible.

Read Scriptures for Day 46 here.


Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels