The Hebrew word for stupid used in this passage is ba’ar. It means to be brutish. Almost as to say that the person who does not heed advice is purposefully ignoring it. It seems crazy to me that the Bible is telling us that when we willingly ignore His instruction, we are stupid. We are getting to a point where The Lord is telling us that willful ignorance is deliberate disobedience.

I know that this feels like a lecture. Maybe that is what The Holy Spirit has decided today. He wants you to know that ignoring Him only proves how much more you need Him. His guidance and constant state of conviction is the only thing that would keep you on your toes. Giving you that sense of purpose along with letting you know that you are getting in your own way in what He is doing in your life.

The truth is that He longs to give you the loving instruction that keeps you safe. He means to help you in your time of need. Therefore, heed his direction. Take hold of what He gives you and let Him light the way. Whatever your holding onto, let it go. Yes, there will be times when He takes out the rod of correction, but His word says that He chastens those He loves (Heb 12). Believe me beloved, He loves you. Give in and long for His loving instruction.