Wonder how the 186 Bible Reading Plan was developed?

The idea came about from my father, who had a method of gathering what he called “Stones.” This reached into Joshua, where God commanded the People of Israel to gather up 12 Memorial Stones.

In Exodus, God told the people to gather up the bread of heaven that He sent on a daily basis. This fresh provision was to be gathered six days a week and it would feed them for seven days.

Stones = a chapter from God’s Word, the Bible.

The 186 Bible Reading Plan were freshly gathered stones, every day, for 186 days and this plan are these stones.

The 186 Bible Reading Plan has two components to it:

  • 6 Chapter from the Books of Doctrine (1 of 66 books) and
  • 6 Chapters from the Book of Psalms (1 of 150 chapters).

Each of the 12 Stones are organized as 1 Book of Doctrine and 1 Chapter from Psalms, rotating until 12 Stones are collected.

Totally Random, Not

It may appear to be random, but as you read all 12 Stones for the day, you’ll see that God’s Word is incredibly connected!

Stick to the Process

The 186 Bible Reading Plan is a process, so you need to stick with it. You will find that sometimes there will be doubles, don’t skip it, read it anyway.

Trusting in God’s Word to speak to you.

The Word of God speaks to you most clearly when you are reading the Bible. This is the one way that you can be sure what you hear or think is coming from the God.

Ready to Start the Plan?

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