186 Bible Reading Plan — Day 1

Over the last few months I have been creating a plan to read the entire Bible in 186 Days.

I will be posting this Plan daily, start Day 1 here.

Read it daily or jump in at anytime.

It will take you an average of 30-40 minutes a day to read the chapters.

What do these symbols mean?

📆  – This indicates the Day of the Plan in order, ex. 📆 24 means Day#24 of the plan.

💎 – This indicates which of the 12 Scriptures the Devotional is from (top to bottom 1-12), ex. 📆 1 – 💎2 means Day#1 and Scripture #2, which is Psalm 5 (see above).

The calendar emoji does not belong to any month of the year and may appear differently in your device.

Some Bible Reading tips:

Don’t worry if you don’t do it every day, start back where you left off or just start from whatever day it is. The Day # is really for organizing purposes. Also, check my story highlights for each day as we journey.

Read out-loud when you can. Tip: adding more sense to your reading will help.

Eyes, Ears, Throat 🥰

Use The Bible App to read it to you and read along.

Tip #1: you can change the playback speed and listen at 1.5x.

You can read all 12 at one time or split up your reading into smaller bite size pieces. You decide how.

Expect that everything you read you will not remember, but the Words will enter your soul.

Tip #2: God’s Word is alive, when the time is right, He’ll bring it to your memory.

Spend some time thinking about what you read.

Tip: do this carefully as you drive, walk or talk about it with someone else.

Journal one or two things when you feel inspired.

Tip #3: don’t over do it.

What can you expect from following this plan?

  1. You’ll read the entire Bible!
  2. You will see the Bible differently
  3. You will see your Life differently
  4. You will see God differently
  5. I will be with you on this journey (comment questions, etc.)

Above all, enjoy God’s Word and listen to what He is saying from the words!