The Holy Spirit is actively involved in your life. In Romans 8:26, Paul gives you a glimpse into the spiritual world and shows you a loving and caring God. He expresses to you that the depth of love and passion the Holy Spirit has for you is deeper than any human verbal expression.

Have you ever thought that God answered a prayer before you asked it? God commands you to pray, to know His will and to seek it. But when life becomes overwhelming and your prayers become weak, God doesn’t leave it up to you to know what to pray for.

What do you do when your words fail? Or when your prayers become clouded by the problem and you can’t see clearly enough to pray for what you really need?

Paul encourages you to understand that when your prayers are not in line with God’s desires, God has a solution. So, when you find yourself unable to pray clearly or praying for the wrong things—know this, that the Holy Spirit is there standing between God and your situation, interceding on your behalf.