Do you hear that? Has it already captured your attention? Do you feel it completely control you? The noise is too much to bear. It is the sound of children who need to get ready for school. It is the honking and whooshing of cars zooming past you. It is the phone that won’t stop ringing.

Running away from all of it is not going to solve your problems. And it definitely will not stop. So beloved, do we just muscle through it or do we give up? I propose neither. Instead I say concentrate your effort in what you listen to. When you flip on your stereo, listen to something God honoring (a sermon or music that praises Him). As you start your day, fall on your knees and talk to your Dad. Turn on the TV and pray for the people you see in the news. Dine with your family and talk about the Real Leader in your home.

Turn Him from being a complete stranger in your house to becoming the Lord of your life. You need answers, read His word. You need to vent, pray. Nothing feels better than a clear mind. That is what it is to pray unceasingly. To keep your mind in constant communication with the Master of the universe. Submit to God and watch the distractions fall like the walls of Jericho. Serve your family as a true steward of God and watch the confusion fall like a Roman army (John 18:6).